A Silent Rebellion (works on glass and mirror)

These photographs explore the notion of how we see ourselves versus how others see us and how we project our chosen identities.  Through reflections on mirrors and shadows through glass, I am contemplating the concepts of the self as well as the double, the notion that within each being exists a contradictory character, a mythical character that exists in an abstract and perhaps sinister realm.

I make each photograph by exposing negatives onto mirror and glass that have been coated with a light sensitive liquid emulsion.  What we see in the mirror is not quite the truth, left is right and right is left, but we see a semblance of the physical being, and through light and shadow that semblance is translated into a photograph.  As viewers glimpse a portion of their reflection in the surface of this work the process of seeing and being seen gains layers of complexity.  It is not only the subject but also the viewer whose existence is reflected.

The subjects emerge as silent traces of reality from which the viewer may infer many things.  I consider these works to be narrative fictions rather than portraiture.  Sometimes the subject feels the gaze of the viewer and stares back, while other times there is an unawareness of and often aloofness to being seen.

It is our nature to search for meaning among and between the duality of our interior and exterior personas for the truth of our being that lies somewhere in the middle.  When we adorn ourselves with masks and costumes and contemplate our reflections we are quietly searching for and simultaneously rebelling against the imposed identities we project.

Even as masks block access to identity they allow the wearer new avenues to explore the complex interiors that are hidden from view.  They offer freedom to behave as though we are invisible, sheltered by a protective layer.  Playing upon the notion that mirrors and masks reveal and simultaneously hide layers of identity this work challenges imposed identities in silent rebellion.