Lost and Found

The central theme of this work is the recognition of lost items.  I have cataloged 603 found objects and articles of clothing from the lost and found section at the Hosmer Elementary School in Watertown, MA during the 2015/2016 school year.  Through this work I am exploring the dualities of memory and forgetting and possession and loss, and how these elements influence our identity construction, social relationships, and our relationship to objects.  The collected items are isolated from the function, purpose, and meaning they held before becoming lost.  Cataloged by both color and type, they are presented in large-scale grids on digital adhesive film, applied directly to the wall.  My bewilderment by the mass of forgotten items was the impetus for the meticulous process I began of documenting, collecting, and organizing in an attempt to make sense of the material waste discarded by a school community during the course of a year.